Toilet Seat Stoppers were invented to help prevent the annoying and dangerous problem of loose toilet seats. They were designed specifically for children, seniors and the disabled.
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When you purchase Toilet Seat Stoppers, you won’t have to worry about loose toilet seats. Toilet Seat Stoppers help eliminate the loosening of toilet seat bolts that often result in the seat breaking or sliding. It is recommended that Toilet Seat Stoppers be installed in every bathroom of your home or business to help eliminate injury and reduce liability. Our product is computer designed in California and made in America. It comes with a 30 day guarantee. You can return the product for a full refund.
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Toilet Seat Stoppers are an American invention with your family's and customers' bathroom safety in mind.

Question  They help eliminate lateral movement of the toilet seat and keeps it in a centered position.

Question  They help prevent the loosening of hard to get to toilet seat bolts.

Question  They help extend the life of the toilet seat by reducing breakage.

Question  They include two custom designed plastic guides, two screws and two pieces of 3M VHB moisture resistant double sided

Question  They are computer designed in California and made in the USA.

Question  They are easy to install without tools. When mounted on the flat or slightly contoured underside of a toilet
  seat, these uniquely designed plastic guides custom fit most any make of toilet seat to any toilet bowl. For added safety
          and strength or commercial applications, a hole is provided on the flange to accommodate a flat head screw.

Question  They have a 30-day money back gurantee(original purchase price only, shipping and handling is NOT refundable).

See what people are saying about us:
They work great! My toilet seat does not slip & slide when I take care of the "paperwork" now. Very pleased with the results.Elaine

The toilet seat stopper is absolutely wonderful. It does an excellent job of stabilizing the seat to keep it in place..... Thanks much for coming to my aid. I love it!!!!!Hank

These were easily installed and definitely stop the seat from sliding. I'm in a wheelchair and have to transfer from my chair onto the toilet which means the seat needs to be very secure.....J. Bergeron.

Extra tape-screws for one set of Toilet Seat Stoppers. Price: $3.99

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