Toilet Seat Stoppers were invented to help prevent the annoying problem of toilet seat slippage. Toilet Seat Stoppers help prevent dangerous toilet seat accidents for everyone including Children, Elderly and Handicapped persons.
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When you buy Toilet Seat Stoppers you won’t have to worry about slippage. Toilet Seat Stoppers also stop the loosening of toilet seat bolts that often result in the seat breaking and making sliding more likely. They are made so that anyone can use the toilet seat without an incident. It is recommended that you put one in every bathroom of your house so that you can eliminate slipping no matter what bathroom you use. Our product is 100% American made and comes with a 30 day guarantee. You can return the product for a refund.
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Toilet Seat Stoppers is a invention to solve the common annoying & potentially dangerous problem of toilet seat slippage.

Question  Toilet Seat Stoppers reduces the lateral movement of the toilet seat and keeps it in a stable position.

Question  They help to prevent the loosening of hard to get to toilet seat bolts resulting in toilet seat breakage.

Question  They also help to protect and reduce toilet seat accidents for everyone.

Question  They includes two custom designed plastic guides, two screws and two pieces of 3M VHB moisture resistant double sided

Question  They are manufactured in the USA.

Question  They are a new bathroom safety product that are easy to install. When they are mounted on the flat underside of a toilet
  seat, they are uniquely designed plastic guides custom fit most any make of toilet seat to any toilet bowl. For added safety
          and strength, a hole is provided on the flange to accommodate a flat head screw and it is very easy to clean with any
          common cleaner.

Question  In case you wish to send product back for a return (original purchase price only, shipping and handling is NOT refundable).

See what people are saying about us:
We have installed our Toilet Seat Stoppers and are loving the way they work. It definitely provides stability and reduces the amount of movement on the seat. Love the way it is working would definitely install them again.

After continual frustration from my toilet seat slipping no matter how much I tightened the toilet seat bolts I found a solution to the problem. Toilet Seat Stoppers since the time I put them on my toilet seat it no longer slips.

I would worry about getting injured because my toilet seat was slipping from side to side. I put Toilet Seat Stoppers on my toilet seat they resolved the problem making me feel more confident the seat is safer.

Extra tape-screws for one set of Toilet Seat Stoppers. Price: $3.99

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